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The first thing in life is always very important and close to heart, the first baby, the first love, the first job, etc. For me, it was my first article. I felt myself in an open sky of words where I have no need to search for good words or words which are not mine and I can write whatever I want.

This kind of freedom, every heart wants for preventing breakdowns in life. The skills like physical exercise, writing or doing something one is passionate about is the way to finding yourself. Expressing yourself in these kinds of activities reduces your anxiety, anger and enhances happy quotient in life.  We talk a lot about intelligence quotient and emotional quotient but both these quotients are dependent, for their performance, on happy quotient.  A happy person performs better in every field. So to increase happy quotient, give your kids and yourself freedom from rules which are really not much required in your life. Start giving some time to yourself and your passion as it will help you increase your confidence and self worth.  Live in a moment, enjoy yourself and feel good about yourself. Indulge yourself in some relaxation exercises like Mindful breathing where you sit quietly and feel things around you like air, laugh of child, etc…. normal things which we usually do not bother to observe. Go for a mindful walk and enjoy your walk as if you are some alien and everything is new for you.  When heart feels good, it gives signal to the brain that everything is fine and then brain signals to whole body to act like you are the happiest person in the world which makes you do things which are more positive and productive.


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