Free Education System:Pdega India Tabhi To Badega India

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By Rahat Ali Jafri
The education system prevalent in our country has many flaws and do not help the children of under privileged people living in slum areas due to financial
The gap between the education of privileged and under privileged is huge as the children of politicians, industrialists, corporators etc get the best education, bets exposure and best skills by spending huge money while the common people hardly get the similar facilities.
The government of India should create a system of education where everybody irrespective of cast creed, and financial status gets the same education, skills, to make India a truly vibrant country.
As a trustee of Aakaar NGO, I request the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi ji to please ponder over the issue and initiate a freed education system in India for every single child where no child faces discrimination in education and gets equal rights, equal exposure and equal facilities during the studies.
I also request every Indian to come forward and be a part of our team to create such a system in India where every child has right to free education and equal opportunities. Readers can contact us at or write to us at,
They can also connect with us through our facebook page
(The author has created free education system under the aegis of his NGO AAKAAR)

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