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quiz1. In which country is the Rose of Tralee Festival?
2. What claims to be the largest comedy festival in the world?
3. Which geographical area is part of both Chile and Argentina?
4. Name the blue Telly Tubby.
5. What do you call a ring-shaped coral island surrounding a central lagoon?
6. With which activity is Osamma Bin Laden [pr. “lah-din”] associated?
7. Which British singer has the same name as a famous author?
8. Art Deco became popular in which decade?
9. What is the largest living bird?
10. What is Rambo’s first name?




1. Ireland, 2. Edinburgh Fringe Festival, 3. Tierra del Fuego, 4. Tinky Winky, 5. atoll, 6. terrorism, 7. Tom Jones, 8. 1920s or 1930s, 9. ostrich, 10. John

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