Jainism and Food

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According to Jainism, consuming plants for the sake of human existence is  negative, but there are strict conditions to it. Veganism is encouraged and any such practice which would harm nature or animals in any possible way is bracketed out. The idea is to minimize one’s dependence on the world’s resources. Jains are therefore strictly vegetarians and within that, they are selective about what all they eat. Jains follow strict vegetarianism, a diet which is also known satvik. Satvik meals translate to meals that are light, fresh and full of nature’s goodness. On the other hand consuming foods items that may involve harming any living organism or that may induce lethargy, or negativity are strictly excluded. Tubers or bulbs – veggiejayantis that grow underground – are avoided as they have the ability to sprout and multiply. Another reason is the fact that the act of uprooting the vegetables results in harming many small insects and micro-organisms.

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