Smriti Irani interacts with students via Facebook, NEET main point of query

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IndiaTvf27c80_smriti-iraniUnion HRD minister Smriti Irani on Tuesday had a one-hour live interaction with students from across the country on Facebook where she answered educational queries. However, most of the questions were surrounding the National Eligibility Entrance Test (NEET).
The moment Irani came online and started answering questions her posts started getting likes and comments. One of her answers got a maximum of 635 shares. By evening, more than 25,000 queries and suggestion regarding the educational system were posted on her Facebook time-line.
The question and answer session, saw people raise their voice in favour of NEET by saying “those medical aspirants from Delhi and Kota should also be considered before taking any finial decision. NEET is the fairest gateway for medical field so do not scrap it”.
On the other hand many Maharashtra-based parents were protesting its implementation by saying that they are not against NEET but are opposing its implementation. “How does the Supreme Court expect our children to study such an extensive portion when there’s no book available to study the same within such a short span of time.”
In the 60 minutes, 12.30pm to 1.30pm, Irani was asked questions regarding different educational fields which she smoothly.
However, when she was asked more questions on the current NEET row, she made it very clear that talking about this is not under her department. She said: “NEET is within the jurisdiction of Health Ministry and not HRD.”
She was unable to reach out to all the queries as she had to leave for a Karyakarta Sammelan in Gujarat’s Anand district.

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