KC Public School students hold live video conference with school in Baluchistan region

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JAMMU : KC Public School is accredited with British Council’s International School Award for a period of 3 years from 2015 to 2018.
In this capacity, KCPS students continue to pursue learning at the global level through various means that connect classrooms all over the world with assistance from the British Council.
Real time video conferencing is one such means which facilitates face-to-face interaction between students from any location on the globe.
KCPS students had an hour long live video conference with the students of a school in the Baluchistan region of Pakistan and Ukraine. The conference with students in Pakistan was moderated by a personnel of the Council located in the US.
The conference was held in the mixed Hindi-Urdu language since the students in Pakistan preferred to converse in their own language.
The students of both schools greeted each other warmly and exchanged views and information on a number of topics related to art, culture and geographical features of their own countries. They also asked questions from each other on various other issues. The topic of Conference with Ukraine was about festivals.
At the end of the conference, students of both schools summed up their experience as informative and useful and thanked the moderator for her assistance and guidance in keeping the exchange of ideas on the right course.
Students who took part in the conference were Sahar Rohmetra (X-A), Ritvik Gupta (X-A), Avantika Khajuria (X-A), Ribhav Mittal (X-A), Ananya Gupta ( X-A) Akshita Mengi( X-A),Sanchita Bakshi (X-C), Vatsal Khajuria (X-C), Tanishka (IX-F), Amodani (IX-F), Jaiveer (X-A), Arshiya (X-B), Ayushman (X-B) and Sambhavi Gupta (X-B).

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