Bengaluru kid a master programmer, YouTuber at age 12

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Tanmay-Bakshi-IBM-InterConnect-2016BENGALURU: At 12, Tanmay Bakshi is already a software developer, author, conference speaker, algorithmist, IBM Cloud Advisor and YouTuber . He’s such an expert on Apple’s Swift programming language and IBM’s Watson cognitive computing platform that programmers many times his age contact him for advice on these newage technologies.
No surprise then that he was the biggest star at the IBM developer conference in Bengaluru on Friday. His presentation was interrupted frequently by applauses from the 3000-plus crowd. Someone in the back rows exclaimed: “Gosh! I was playing marbles when I was 12!” A seventh grader and resident of Brampton in Canada, Tanmay started coding when he was 5, after his father, a programmer, taught him a simple batch programming to test his curiosity. The father, Puneet Bakshi, recollects that one of the first things Tanmay coded was a basic calculator. By the time he was 9, he had developed an Apple ios app called tTables that helps kids learn multiplication. Since then, he has developed 35 apps including TiD Vault, which allows users to access information with their fingerprints on a touch button.
IBM adds new cognitive technologies to its portfolio
TiD Vault was developed using Swift. Puneet Bakshi grew up in Delhi and lived there till he was 40. The family moved to Canada when Tanmay was just a year old. Tanmay caught IBM’s attention about two years ago, after his video tutorials on Watson went viral. Using Watson, he launched AskTanmay, a natural language question and answering system that can answer queries related to a person, organization, location or date and which he demonstrated to the conference audience with great aplomb.”Watson is the brain of AskTanmay,” says Tanmay .
Since the past one year, Tanmay is being homeschooled by his father, mother Sumita, and sister Tanvi, who has just completed her Bachelor’s in business administration and accounting. Homeschooling helps him to better deal with his frequent speaking assignments in different parts of the world and his programming interests. Among Tanmay’s numerous admirers is 72-yearold former Apple developer Vaughn Clemens, with who Tanmay collaborated to develop the Speak for Handicapped app that aids those who can’t speak for themselves with a list of phrases.

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