Make coffee your best friend and include it in your skincare routine

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You may like to smell your coffee and get going, and it may also be the first thing in the morning which perks you up. But, coffee which is your loyal friend can be your best friend when it comes to including it in your skincare routine. Here’s how – Use it to exfoliate: Grind those coffee beans to a coarse powder and mix in with coconut or almond oil. Rub it all your face and see how it removes all that dry skin. Use it as a face mask: Right after you exfoliate, use a coffee face mask. Just mix yogurt with fine coffee powder and apply it on the face. Keep it for 15 minutes and wash it off to get a bright skin tone. Use it to remove under eye circles: To reduce puffiness of the eyes and remove those dark cirlces under your eyes, take a soft cloth, dip it in lukewarm coffee and place it under your eyes.

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