When good friends turn bad

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Nothing is constant; everything keeps on changing. Take friends, for example. They come and go like seasons. I am sure all of us have had friends who are not here with us today, or maybe they might be here, but we don’t acknowledge them. And there’s always that one question in mind ‘what went wrong?’
Everyone chooses their path in life, and maybe our ex-friends only had to intertwine with us for a short time. Over the past, I have had many acquaintances; I will not call them friends since real friends are hard to come by. I’ve also been very lucky to have some good friends and a few close friends. Sure, the gang I belonged to a few years ago is not the same one this year, but that’s growing up. Making friends is just another part of life and so is losing them. Some drown us in sorrow when they move away, while others just don’t talk to us when they realise we didn’t make the same choices as them. Or maybe they have changed, and we don’t like them anymore which is fine.
Let me rephrase that, people change every day and that’s not wrong, but I am talking about the way they act or behave. It’s like they are wearing a mask that’s waiting to fall off. And the most unexplained reason is that they still act the same even when they see the hurt in your eyes. A snake may shed its skin, but it is still a snake. Another thing is the back biting. It happens a lot; we all gossip but there’s a difference when it is malicious. The person believes that no one will be a tattle tail, but in the end, the relationship does tear away. Spreading rumours, telling lies and assuming, the list goes on and on. Ego plays a big role, too. When it comes to friends, ego hits us hard. If it’s real friendship, ego doesn’t stand a chance. It’s just sad when a person pretends to like you. Why won’t they just say they don’t like you instead of faking a friendship that doesn’t feel right?
These people are just like shadows, they are present during the bright moments but disappear during our darkest hours. I have had these situations where I don’t have those old friends anymore. My ex-best friend just couldn’t take me at my worst, so I decided she doesn’t deserve my best. Gold isn’t always golden. But I am going to be the bigger person, and I am going to be civil because no one deserves anything like this no matter what they have done in life.
It took me one year to understand that I should stop trying to be someone else.
I believe everyone has gone through this process, and yes, it hurts, but it isn’t your fault. It is just the universe spring cleaning and trying to let you know that someone out there is waiting to be your friend. Someone who will be there for you and not hurt or mistreat you.
But keep in mind, if you were the friend who has ever done something nasty like this, even though you dread it, apologise. No, it is not going to make you best friends again, but it will give you peace of mind when you regret it in the future.

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