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p[iHere Falls The Shadow is a detective novel notably inspired by Satayajit Ray’s Feluda and Sharadindu Banpadhyay’s Byomkesh Bakshi , which were in turn inspired by the Conan Doyle classic, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes .
The book starts with detective Janardhan Maity approaching Prakash, the narrator, and requesting his company for a case. The story is narrated from the point of view of Prakash, who is quite in awe of Janardhan’s observational skills and deductive abilities. The story begins with someone who had received mysterious death threats and has come to Janardhan Maity for help.
Set in a small hill station, the plot moves fast as the threatening letters quickly fade into the background and turn into direct attempts to harm. The eeriest part is that the prime suspect is a ghost, exacting revenge through a curse. The simple lifestyle of the setting and the fact that the place was very much a leftover of the Raj seemed reminiscent of a Holmes era, further highlighting the similarities. It’s a straightforward setting, most of the facts laid out in the prologue, which made some of the conversations later seem a little stretched. Though the narrator doesn’t particularly exude a commanding personality, he is coolly observant and helps the reader enjoy the mystery objectively. The language is simple and the plot moves fast with a good twist towards the end.

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