Swankha temple : a divine and famous Baba Sidh Goria Shrine

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2015_6$largeimg28_Jun_2015_230532480Baba Sidh Goria ji is a famous shrine situated at Sidh -Swankha in Samba district, where devotees from all corners paying obisense at this holy place lt is believed that Baba ji showers blessings on all the devotees who keep faith and confidence on this sacred place and every year an annual public mela is organised at sidh swankha and dangal also, which lasts for seven days in which devotees not only from J&K but also from Punjab, Haryana, UP and others parts of the country are taking part The history of Baba Sidh Goria Ji, we have clear reference from books that in early 20th century “nath” community came to north India under the leadership of Guru Gorakh Nath Ji and here they started treating people who have suffered from multiple diseases, they used to tie raw thread and used holy soil (Vibuti) as a medicine. They preached the humanity in the area by saving lot of lives and earned name and fame. Baba Sidh Goria Ji was one of the disciple of guru Gorakh Nath Ji among others. The spiritual face of guru Gorakh Nath Ji he down on his knees and touched the sadhu’s feet and prayed to allow to go with him but guru Gorakh Nath Ji disallowed his request saying that a king cannot be a sadhu because he has to sacrifice each and every thing including wealth and property etc but the king told that he is ready to leave everything and he has fed up by this artificial life and want to become a disciple of yours. Finally guru Gorakh Nath Ji accepted him as disciple and here only the journey of Baba Sidh Goria Nath Ji commences.

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