The hero of 1965

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I recollect a popular anecdote about the great man. Great leaders always had peculiar ways to teach their pupils and one would be astonished to know that Singh almost faced a court martial as a result. In 1945, it is said that he tried to raise the morale of a trainee pilot by conducting a low-level air pass over a house in Kerala. In his defence, he insisted that such tricks were needed for cadet to be a fighter pilot!
Om Mishra,
Bullet trains necessary?

This project is a great idea, but it also seems a little misplaced given that there are still places where people do not even have roads to travel, forget bullet trains
(“‘Fly’ on train from Mumbai from 2022”, Sept. 15). This is only increasing the already existing gap between the rich and the poor, between rural and urban areas. Overall development requires both these sections to go forward simultaneously.
Deepika Tripathi,

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