Let Partition remain in history: Gulzar

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There isn’t an individual in this land who is not inspired by Gulzar, his works, the words, his virtuosity and grace. Gulzar the artist is an embodiment of experience and expression. Every form of art he chooses to express in, resonates with truth, knowledge, and invocation for harmony. At 84, Gulzar becomes a novelist for the first time with Two , a fictitious account of some real encounters during the partition of India. Gulzar himself translated his prose from Hindi to English, to tell every person in country the harrowing journey that thousands went through during Partition. With Two , the modern bard wants to purge off his ordeals and expects the whole country to do that — once and for all. Gulzar’s Two is an account of violence, that urges a final outcry for eternal peace and friendship between the two neighbouring countries.

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