From Earning Rs.150 Per Month To Building A Rs 3K Cr. Empire, Arokiaswamy’s Tale Is Awe-Inspiring

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thyrocare-founder-arokiaswamy-went-from-earning-rs-150-a-month-to-building-a-rs-3k-cr-empire-740x500-1-1520505031A child who was born in a family that couldn’t even afford to buy a pair of trousers or slippers is not exactly expected to build an empire. In fact, being well-educated and earning a decent income would be enough for them. But Arokiaswamy Velumani’s story will tell you that your family background doesn’t matter as long as you dream big and have the courage to do whatever it takes to fulfill them. Arokiaswamy was born to a landless farmer in 1959 in a village in Tamil Nadu. His mother was the one who took the burden of supporting the family with her weekly income of Rs. 50. One can only imagine the conditions he was brought up in. But Arokiaswamy had bigger and better plans.

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