Baba Buddha Amarnath A Divine Destination

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Buddha Amarnath is an ancient and unique Shiva Temple having a white naturally formed Shiv Lingam of “Chakmak”. It is located in an area known as Rajpura Mandi. Two kms from Mandi village and 25 kms in the north east of Poonch Town it is situated in between the main belt of Pir Panchal range of mountains.
This sacred place is very picturesque; it is situated on the confluence of two gushing streams namely Nallah Gagri and Pulsta Nadi. The stream which flows near it is the Loran stream but it is believed by the locals that Ravan’s grandfather Pulasta Rishi performed his tapasya here and thus is known as Pulasta stream.
This place is surrounded by snow bound lofty peaks, thick belt of fur forests (in the Eastern side), lush green pastures and crystal clear streams. The climate of this attractive and charming spot is very pleasant and cool.
The original temple has been constructed out with one big stone. There are four doors in the temple on the northern, southern, eastern and western sides which indicates that the doors of this shrine are open for all the four classes. In Buddha Amarnath temple Lord Shiva manifested himself in the form of a “Chakmak” white rock i.e. naturally formed Shiv Lingam, unlike other Shiva temples where Lord Shiva is worshipped in the form of a lingam. A number of ancient idols collected from near by villages have also been installed in the premises of the Temple. There were four holy springs near the temple in the past. At present the water of three springs has been diverted to fourth one which is on the southern side of the temple. The water of these springs is considered holy from religious point of view. The pilgrims first take bath in this spring and then enter in the temple for prayers. ( Haramukh Harmukat Ganga )
The legends of this temple are closely associated with lord Shiva and goddess parvati. According to one legend, rishi Pulatsya (Ravana’s grandfather) had a darshan of lord Shiva at the place where the Buddha Amarnath shrine is located. Another legend is that lord Shiva, accompanied by Parvati, on one of his trips to Amarnath from kailash, had made a brief halt at this place. It is also believed that this shrine is older than that of Amarnath ji of Kashmir and the pilgrimage to Amarnath cave in Kashmir remains incomplete without a visit to this shrine.
On Shrawan Purnima (Raksha Bandhan) people visit this shrine in a large number and every year a ten day yatra is organised which concludes on the occasion of the shrawan Purnima. This year the ten day Yatra is commencing from July 25, various pilgrims from all over India are expected to come on this day and the inauguration is on July 26, there after the Yatra will start from July 27 from Ved Mandir Ambphalla and it will culminate on Purnima (Raksha Bandhan) on August 5. ( Ramkund temple in Poonch )
This shrine is 25 kms from the Poonch town. Buses, tempo, Cars, Jeeps carrying pilgrims ply on the road regularly. From Jammu it is approx. 250 kms away and regular bus services are available for Poonch district. One can also hire private vehicle for this trip very easily. It is believed that Lord Shiva grants wishes to everyone who makes a pilgrimage to Buddha Amarnath. It is such a place one must visit to take blessings of lord Shiva and also to enjoy the picturesque place and get relax amid the beauty of the nature.1_9842

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