PETA India urges McDonald’s to start McVegan burger, Sonu Sood endorses move

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As more and more fast-food chains abroad introduce or consider adding vegan burgers and other animal-free options to their menus, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) India recently wrote to McDonald’s, Burger King, and KFC in India requesting vegan (meat, egg, and dairy-free) burgers or chicken to meet the rising demand for vegan foods in the country.
Thousands of individuals have also sent messages to McDonald’s India via the group’s website asking the company to offer a McVegan burger.
In addition, many people have sent appeals to McDonald’s India via Twitter, and vegetarian actor Sonu Sood retweeted a message in favour of introducing the vegan burger in India as well.
While the chains offer vegetarian options, none of them label any of their vegetarian main menu dishes as suitable for vegans.
Meanwhile, the McVegan has already been introduced with great success in Finland and Sweden, while KFC is considering offering vegan chicken in the UK and fast-food chain White Castle sells a high-quality veggie burger that “bleeds” like meat in the US.
Pizza Hut offers vegan cheese pizza in the UK, and Domino’s sells it in Australia.

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