Vikas Khanna Reunited With The Muslim Family That Saved Him During The ’92 Mumbai Riots

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A rare fact that many people don’t know about noted chef Vikas Khanna is that, every year during the holy month of Ramadan, he fasts for a day to honour and pay his gratitude to a certain Muslim family in Mumbai.During the 1992 riots, when Vikas was new to Mumbai, he had to rush to Ghatkopar to check on his brother. He lost his way around the city when a Muslim family warned him of the rioters and asked him to take shelter in their home. During a time when no one was helping anybody in the city, the family not only gave him shelter but when a few people came knocking on their door, they told them that Vikas was their son. Two days ago, the celebrity chef tweeted that he had managed to track down the same family and was ecstatic about the reunion that awaited him. Vikas Khanna has had his fair share of struggles in life which have only humbled him further. The story of his hardships has been captured wonderfully in a movie called ‘Buried Seeds’.

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