‘Law is not a career, it is a calling’: President

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New Delhi: President Ram Nath Kovind on Saturday said that the country is in the midst of a dramatic change and decisions taken today will influence not just the immediate future but perhaps the rest of the century.
President Kovind visited Karnataka (Belagavi) to grace and address the platinum jubilee celebrations of the Karnatak Law Society and the Raja Lakhamgouda Law College. Speaking at the event, Kovind said the aspirations of the country’s youth were changing fast. “We have a young, talented population and an exciting economy brimming with opportunities. In the previous quarter, our GDP grew at 8.2 per cent, which indicates our pace as well as our potential,” Kovind said.
“With the fourth industrial revolution upon us, how we live and work is changing so are the aspirations of our young people,” he said in a recent sources said. In this context, the President said that the educational institutions must become compatible with the quest for innovation and excellence.
The government, he said, was taking steps to facilitate this and the process of overhauling the regulatory framework for higher education and upgrading it to meet contemporary needs was underway. “I am confident it will bear fruit soon,” Kovind said. The graded autonomy had been granted to 60 top universities, and a decision had also been taken to promote 20 institutions of higher education as ‘institutes of eminence’ to grant them recruitment and curricula flexibility in order to reach best-in-class global standards.
After a competitive process, the first few of these institutes of eminence were announced recently, Kovind said at the celebrations. Moreover, the President said that the law of nature teaches everyone discipline and orderliness,download (1)

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