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Education Flash, the first specialized fortnightly news tabloid has been conceptualized by Parshotam Bhardwaj to cater exclusively to the educational sector with focus on Jammu and Kashmir state.

The Tabloid Magazine will cater to the Educational institutions and the allied services and highlight the burning issues confronting the sector.

The magazine will expand its area of activity and make inroads into electronic media particularly through internet to reach more readers and make the platform an interactive medium between the stake holders of education sector, public and the government.

The news magazine will be a complete educational guide with columns on variety of subjects in full colour to make it truly coffee table tabloid with substance for the entire household.

The magazine has been launched by Parshotam Bhardwaj, an engineer by profession and a well known educationist of the state having carved a niche by establishing various educational institutions and social organizations to repay the society as a responsible citizen of India.

The magazine is being managed and edited by the prominent senior journalist, social activist and naturopathic fat loss expert of the state King C Bharati, having more than 30 years of journalistic experience and many successful publications to his credit.

The magazine invites people, institutions, firms associated with the sector to send their feedback and suggestions to make this magazine better.

Young students are also encouraged to write for the magazine as the best article that gets published will also be rewarded suitably.

Parshotam Bhardwaj kcb
 Parshotam Bhardwaj  King C Bharati

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